2 & 2 Tool Set $40.00
Set includes: 2 custom Coastal key tools 2 custom Coastal keychain shove knives
24” Maxx-Mod Halligan (Ma... $360.00
A MODIFIED VERSION OF THE MAXXIMUS, THIS TOOL HAS ALL OF THE SAME FEATURES BUT WITH A 2 INCH WIDE ADZ. The 24” MAXXIMUS Mod is the next generation of Forcible Entry Bars. It's the ultimate Halligan Bar and is lighter than the Pro-Bar. The Maxximus has a unique Thermoplastic Rubber (T.P.R.) grip for a sturdy handle while using the tool. FEATURES: One piece drop forged forcible entry tool Molded Thermoplastic Rubber Grip Made of 4140 vanadium steel A completely "tuned" Halligan 2” wide Adz for gapping doors Rex lock pulling feature Square legs on the fork for striking in tight spaces Thinner Fork and Adz than any bar on the fire market Depth gauge markings on both Adz and Fork Molded T.P.R. grip for less slippage Protective insulation to 24,000 volts Electric cars range from 600-700 volts 24-inch length. EZ to hit... EZ to hold... EZ to carry... and EZ to marry to Fire Hooks Unlimited's Lock Slot 8 lbs Forcible Entry Axe or the new Maxx-Axe 32”
Adams-Rite Bypass Driver $19.00
Description Professional grade locksmith tool. The Sparrows Adams-Rite Bypass Driver is designed to slide through the keyway of the most popular glass door "store" locks allowing you access to the inner working of the lock. Once in place simply turn the driver and it will replace the action of the cylinder tailpiece by withdrawing the lock's latch! The driver will rotate the latch fully open and the door is unlocked. If the door happens to be in a partial bind the driver will release the “deadlocking feature" allowing you to use a Firefighter Swipe Tool or BADAXX Unforcer to slide behind the latch to push it back and open the door. With this tool, you will not need to pick the lock or use tension wrenches, just a simple turn.  The driver is made with all steel components that have been polished smooth and feature permanent thermoplastic handles.
Air Wedge $19.00
This bag lies flat, allowing it to be be used for door jam entry techniques, slipped under heavy objects, between objects that need to be moved apart, and between a moving component and an unmoving surface (like a locked car door). By slowly inflating the flat bag, it can allow users to, for instance, create space to access the door latch or access the lock mechanism of a car door. These expanding bags can be slipped into place and inflated allowing access for other tools to bypass latches and access things like a vehicles unlock button.  Its one of those universal tools that has many applications.
Aluminum Respectful Entry... from $27.00
The CFT Aluminum Force Wedge with bungee is high quality, high strength, and softly and respectfully gaps everything you need - handheld or with a light tap of a mallet. Things get disrespectful (conventional FE)? Drive it home; it will take all of the abuse you need it to. Contact us for discounts on 10+ wedges. Greater discounts are available for 25+.
BADAXX $392.00
We are an official distributor of all BADAXX Products. BADAXX is committed to using local craftsmen and only American made materials. No question, no compromise, and no apologies! Please contact us for International shipping Total Length: 34" or 30" Total Weight: 8lbs +/- 2oz Face to Pick: 9.75" Head Thickness: 1" https://thebadaxx.com/
The Badaxx Officer's Tactical Tool (T2) is the Officer's addition to the Badaxx family. The T2 is a shortened, sharpened version of The Original Badaxx It features a lock pulling claw, 4" sharpened face, gas shut-off/load attachment point, and a pry end handle for forcible entry. There are a series of holes in the handle specifically designed for individual braking resistance during bailout/belaying maneuvers. T2 is a total of 16.5" in length, head length is 8.6", and weighs in at 3.5 lbs. It is one solid piece of steel and of course includes the Bailout Anchor Device feature of The Original Badaxx! Be assured that you have a way out with T2. ** Red is discontinued **
BADAXX Unforcer $8.00
BADAXX Unforcer The Unforcer from Badaxx is designed for damage free forcible entry and door control. The Unforcer is effective at overcoming most residential door latch bolts without causing damage to the door or door frame. This respectful entry tool can also be used to ensure the door does not lock behind you! This allows for easy door control and keeps the door accessible to incoming crews.The Unforcer will NOT overcome deadbolts, panic hardware or some commercial door locks. 
Be Brave Mug $29.00
Order your “Be Brave Enough To Suck At Something New” mug today. Mugs are available in: Red Black Buy multiple or add with another item to save on shipping!!!If you have a custom design you would like to add to a mug, not a problem. Just shoot us an email at sales@coastalfiretraining.com.    
Billy G.O.A.T. Aluminum W... $53.00
The Billy G.O.A.T. Wedge is the most innovative Firefighter Wedge available. At only 7 ounces, this tool has multiple uses that can help Firefighters every tour they work without weighing them down.  The Billy G.O.A.T. Wedge 7075 is made of the Highest Strength Aerospace Grade Aluminum (Same aluminum used on Fighter Jets) making it the highest strength to weight ratio wedge on the market. This is the premiere forcible entry wedge.  Notch cut allows the wedge to perfectly balance on a hinge so that it does not fall out during an advancing hoseline or as people are fleeing Easily marries to the pike of a Halligan Tool using  ”t” shaped holes Blunt tip gives the wedge more strength at the tip but slim enough to force doors Notch cut works as a door “de-hinger” by sitting on top of the hinge as you slam the door causing the door to rip off the hinges Notch cut works as a gas shut off tool Two Versions of The Billy G.O.A.T. Wedge are available both in the same design ALL WEDGES INCLUDE A FREE BUNGEE SO YOU CAN EASILY MARRY TO A HALLIGAN Patent Pending  Made in USA
Bull $4.00
2” Bull Sticker These Vinyl Stickers and Decals are printed with latex inks and coated with optimizer, making them waterproof and scratch resistant. UV laminate can be added for additional protection and extended outdoor use. Perfect for Helmets, Water Bottles, Tumblers, Phones, Laptops, or whatever else you want to throw them on!
Can Man $4.00
3” Can Man Sticker  These Vinyl Stickers and Decals are printed with latex inks and coated with optimizer, making them waterproof and scratch resistant. UV laminate can be added for additional protection and extended outdoor use.   Perfect for Helmets, Water Bottles, Tumblers, Phones, Laptops, or whatever else you want to throw them on!
CFT J-Tool (Double Door T... $33.00
The J-Tools (double door tool) are Firefighter made right here in Virginia. These are high quality, high strength, and precision engineered. The J-Tool activates the panic hardware or the mortise slam latch paddle and tricks the door into thinking you are someone exiting the structure. These can also be heated or cooled and inserted to bypass request-to-exit passive infrared motion detectors. Any type of action you can reach with the tool (panic hardware, request to exit buttons, panic paddles, single doors with no door stops, REX PIR sensors) will permit access and entry. These doors are often found in schools, theaters, stores, and office buildings.
Coastal Fire Training Hat $36.00
These hats are Richardson 112 snap back trucker hats. The logo is a PVC patch that also glows in the dark. 
Coastal Key Tool $16.00
The Coastal Key Tool is used for gaining entry. After pulling the cylinder the key tool can be inserted to move the lock bolt to the open position. Made out of 1/8" stainless steel.

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