CFT J-Tool (Double Door Tool)


CFT J-Tool (Double Door Tool)


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The J-Tools (double door tool) are Firefighter made right here in Virginia. These are high quality, high strength, and precision engineered. The J-Tool activates the panic hardware or the mortise slam latch paddle and tricks the door into thinking you are someone exiting the structure. These can also be heated or cooled and inserted to bypass request-to-exit passive infrared motion detectors. Any type of action you can reach with the tool (panic hardware, request to exit buttons, panic paddles, single doors with no door stops, REX PIR sensors) will permit access and entry. These doors are often found in schools, theaters, stores, and office buildings.

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David Otte

Great tool- well-made and no burrs that might scratch


How thin is the bar in diameter? We have small gap between double doors so was wondering if this can go through.

Very Good Tool.

Well made tool. Just strong enough to get the job done without being bulky or over engineered. It is a much better option than the Sparrows DDT, as the DDT is a bit thick and their reinforcement bends prevent it from making tight spaces. I would like to see a paint-like protective coating but I think that would only add to the cost, which makes the CFT - J Tool a great option.

Good tool.

Tool is crude and minimalistic but designed well with few additions to a piece of carbon rod. The angle support and weld at the 90's minimize flexing. It is a medium gauge tool. Double doors with panic bars have varying gaps. As such, this tool will not open every door even with the aid of a wedge without some sort of damage (minimal- scratches and abrasion to weather strip if any). But it does work and even the few times it does makes it worth it to have because it is respectful in keeping the doors intact and functional. Why hammer in a wedge and/or use a Halligan or some other destructive means of forcible entry if you don't need to.

Dave Mackey
CFT J-Tool

Works great.

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