McPeak Wedge $65.00
**Pricing is for one (1) wedge** The McPeak is forged 1060 steel made in the USA by a firefighter, giving it the strength to withstand being driven into door jambs with any striking tool.  The McPeak Wedge weighs 26 ounces.   Marry the McPeak to a Halligan bar and use the Halligan to drive The McPeak for access. No need for an additional striking tool in this tool compliment.  Married with the forks of a Halligan increasing mechanical advantage.  Creates the largest most aggressive gap of any wedge on the market. Forcing a door is typically a two-person operation. With the McPeak, made of forged 1060 steel in the United States, along with a standard Halligan bar, forcing a door is now a one-person operation done quickly and safely!      
Firefighter Swipe Tool (I... $14.99
Firefighter Swipe Tool (Inward and Outward) Firefighter Swipe Tool for Inward and Outward Opening Doors-Fire, EMS, Police:This is the NEW Modified In&Out Firefighter Swipe Tool. It can be used on both inward AND outward opening doors. The Firefighter Swipe Tool is an alternative way of gaining access without causing damage. Created by an FDNY Firefighter, The Firefighter Swipe Tool's design allows for more versatility and flexibility. The high-strength, bendable mylar makes this tool strong and flexible Quicker entry, less destruction. Due to the extreme thinness to be able to easily fit around doors, please do not force the tool if you meet resistance. If you try to force it by pulling it through the lock hard, it will rip at the cutout. Practice makes perfect.
JV Tool (Thumb-turning de... $51.00
Thumb-turning device from InOurGear, LLC. A quicker, less destructive version of other tools currently on the market. The perfect solution for gaining access to a commercial structure equipped with a thumb turn on the egress side. The In Our Gear JV Tool is Firefighter owned, Firefighter made, right here in America. It’s the most cost effective thumb turning device on the market. You can’t beat it. Comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
Don’t Be A Shit Bag - Sti... from $3.50
Order your “DON’T BE A SHIT BAG” laminated sticker today.  Get yours now while they are in stock.   Firefighters that strive to be the best, that realize why we do the job and are always passing on knowledge, as “ROCK STARS”. The ones that don’t care, are there for the wrong reasons, don’t want to learn or protect the public, that it’s just an image for them....I refer to them as “SHIT BAGS”.  ~Arthur Ashley~
Adams-Rite Bypass Driver $14.00
Description Professional grade locksmith tool. The Sparrows Adams-Rite Bypass Driver is designed to slide through the keyway of the most popular glass door "store" locks allowing you access to the inner working of the lock. Once in place simply turn the driver and it will replace the action of the cylinder tailpiece by withdrawing the lock's latch! The driver will rotate the latch fully open and the door is unlocked. If the door happens to be in a partial bind the driver will release the “deadlocking feature" allowing you to use a Firefighter Swipe Tool or BADAXX Unforcer to slide behind the latch to push it back and open the door. With this tool, you will not need to pick the lock or use tension wrenches, just a simple turn.  The driver is made with all steel components that have been polished smooth and feature permanent thermoplastic handles.
Sold out
FireWrap® Grip Kit from $27.95
Bring home our patented FireWrap® grip system for your own tools! The only made-for-firefighter grip kit with permanent fiber tape and custom lacing ring system. Finished wraps include our liquid grip with extra grit finish. Available in a variety of colors, including our FireWrap® GLOW option. Finally, an easy to install, true grip system engineered for all firefighter hand tools! Game changer! The FireWrap® grip system is a ultra-durable, shock absorbing, high performance grip system that is deconable. Easily wash off contaminants! Hockey tape and paracord absorb and hang on to cancer causing agents. Stop re-wrapping your tools constantly and keep your tools clean with a FireWrap® grip! This kit includes everything you need to complete 20" of grip on axes and striking tools. Lockwood Hooks, NY Hooks and Halligan bars may receive up to 40” of grip. You can grip up to two tools with one kit. Add extra jars of liquid grip to create multi-colored grips or add a glow in dark accent! FireWrap Grip Kits Include:10 Lacing Rings2oz Liquid Grip3" X 84" Fiber TapeVinyl GlovesPaint BrushVinyl Strip Available Single Colors: Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, or BlueAvailable GLOW Colors: GLOW Aqua or GLOW Green Note: For orders of 20 or more we will color match almost any color. Please contact us for more information prior to ordering.
Sold out
Cable Cutters (Modified) $66.99
**SOLD OUT.  Should be in stock by 6/1** Modified Cable Cutters These cutters have been modified for ease of use while wearing gloves. Webbing around the handles allows you to be able to loop them around your arm so you do not have to put your pliers down so you do not lose them in zero viz situations.  Cable Shears are ideal for cutting copper and aluminum cables, including both single and multiple wires. The precision ground, hardened blades provide an easy, clean, precise cut without damaging, crushing, or deforming the cable. Crafted from high-grade special tool steel, these shears offer easy cutting with one hand and include a pinch and slip guard to maximize safety during the job. They also feature an adjustable bolted joint paired with a self-locking screw to minimize effort on workpieces.  These cutters weigh in under 9 ounces and are very easy to use with the spring-loaded option.   Cutter Specifications For cutting copper and aluminum single conductors as well as multiple-stranded cables Clean and smooth cut without crushing and deformation Not suitable for steel wire and hard-drawn copper conductors Precision-ground, hardened blades Easy cutting with one-hand operation With guard Adjustable bolted joint, self-retaining screw Internal opening spring, protected and captive High-grade special tool steel, forged, oil-hardened Shears: burnished Handles: plastic coated Weight: 215 g Dimensions: 165 x 42 x 14 mm (6.5" x 1.65" x 0.55") REACH compliant: does not contain SVHC   RoHS compliant: not applicable   Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-strandedCutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded: 50 mm² (1.96") AWG: 1 / 0
Lockwood Hook from $141.43
The Lockwood Hook was designed to provide superior functionality to the Roof and Outside Vent Firefighter. All of the tool geometry is purposefully designed to optimize performance and efficiency, making for a high-performing fireground tool. Made in the U.S.A. The broad top edge of the hook provides for superior sounding of roof decking and deliver positive feedback through the shaft. Working angles of the tool head provide extra lift to get materials pulled-up and opened-up quicker and easier. The “throat” of the hook is specifically designed for quick and secure “marrying” to a Halligan to get the firefighter where they are going without any delays or tool fumbles The perfect balance of power-to-weight is struck with slightly thicker walled tubing, making for the perfect weight for positive sounding and window sash-smashing, without adding extra fatigue to the firefighter. The top beveled edge of the tool slices through drywall in long, clean cuts and provides extra leverage to pull lath and plaster. Drop forged tool steel for superior strength and durability (no casting here) and always 100% made in the USA. Available in 17in – 12ft. Flat Black. Available with Chisel End, D_Handle with or without strap.  Email us at for sizes or configurations not shown.  
Standard Respectful Entry... from $189.99
The R.E.K.: Complete Inward/Outward Respectful Entry Kit. 7 Tools & available with an 1000D Cordura® custom tool bag. We have the exclusive endorsement, partnerships; affiliations with all of the manufacturers represented; involved to package and sell this kit. This means savings for you and a one-stop shop for a complete inward, outward Respectful Entry Kit. You’re saving on tool cost, shipping cost, time, and aggravation while getting a prebuilt ready-to-go solution.   What's in the bag? CFT J-Tool / Double Door Tool (Compare at $36 on The Williams Key (beveled loiding tool) ($30 value!)  InOurGear, LLC JV Tool [thumb-turning device] ($51 value!) BADAXX Unforcer ($7 value!) In&Out Firefighter Swipe Tool *New, notched version* ($10 value) CFT Aluminum force wedge w/ bungee ($25 value!) Sparrows (Locksmith Tool Manufacturer) QuickJim Shoveknife ($20 value!) Optional 1000D Cordura® Carry bag. Carry bag is available in black & coyote colors. ($60 value!)     1000D Cordura® Carry bag 14”x 6” x 8” Compact enough to be stored in larger tool bags and boxes Double layer 1000D Cordura® construction to last a lifetime Full body handles help distribute weight through the bag Dual #8 Heavy Duty American Made YKK® zippers Pull tabs to assist with closing of pouch High quality sewing and materials Hand crafted in the USA •  The J-Tools (double door tool) and beveled loading device are firefighters made right here in Virginia. These are high quality, high strength, and precision-engineered. Used for opening double doors with panic hardware. •  The In Our Gear JV Tool is Firefighter owned, Firefighter made, right here in America. It’s the most cost-effective thumb-turning device on the market. You can’t beat it. Comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.      • The In & Out Firefighter Swipe Tool is made by an FDNY Firefighter and works on inward and outward swinging doors for slick, passive access. The thin container and new notch make this a must-have.    • The BADAXX Unforcer is a loiding device with great features, made of rugged material and features knob & lever keepers to hold the door open once access is gained. You’re getting in with this and looking great doing it.    • Sparrows QuickJim shove knife. This isn’t your average fire service shove knife... this is a professional tool with a perfect design and made of high-quality material. This is the tool used by professional locksmiths and sold by THE leading locksmith tool manufacturer.    • The Aluminum Force Wedge with bungee is high quality, high strength, and softly and respectfully gaps everything you need - handheld or with a light tap of a mallet. Things get disrespectful (conventional FE)? Drive it home; it will take all of the abuse you need it to. Made of 6061 aluminum.     Firefighter owned, firefighter supplied, using American 🇺🇸 & veteran made/ sourced material. Thank you for supporting firefighter small business and thank you for your interest in #REK. Respectful Entry Kits greatly improve citizen satisfaction with you, your fire department, and save time and money for your FD and your citizens. Saving lives, time, and money. A small investment in our craft.    *Contact us for international shipping quotes.     
Padlock Forcible Entry Si... from $12.00
Reusable Padlock Forcible Entry Simulator Purchasing conventional padlocks to practice forcing can get rather expensive overtime. Which is why we came up with the Reusable Forcible Entry Padlock.  Simply attach to chain, gates, door props, or anything substantial to practice padlock forcible entry. The prototype versions have nearly 1,000 forces in all different types of settings in departments across the region. The quick-link is the sacrificial part and is replaced after every force. The clevis & cotter are reusable and quickly release to insert another quick-link and keep forcing. Heavy duty, steel construction & reversible so that both ends can withstand years of abuse. You can insert varying sizes and thicknesses of quick-links to increase or decrease the difficulty and shackle height making this a very versatile & realistic prop. Works great for basic to advanced training. Great for saw training (perfect to teach the ViseGrip hold), binding and spinning, duck bill lock breakers, and for conventional irons.  Includes: Steel Padlock FE Body x15/16 QuickLink x1 (**This is the sacrificial part meaning you have to replace this every time you force the lock**). Clevis Pin 1/2 x 2 x1 (Reusable)Hitch Pin Clip x1 (Reusable)
Sold out
S&D Rex Tool $205.00
S&D Rex - TWO-HEADED LOCK PULLING FEATURES REX/TRUCKMANS 17" CELTEX GRIPS Please allow 14-21 days for shipping  The Fire Hooks Unlimited S&D Rex Tool is a lock pulling tool. This Tool is 17” in length and features two lock pulling heads. The Rex Tool on one end and the Truckman's tool on the other. Between the two heads, you can remove just about any commercial or residential door lock.   Features: Rex Tool- "U" shaped lock puller with sharp tapered blades that bite into lock cylinders of all shapes and sizes. Truckman's Tool- "A" type lock puller built into the adz end to pull recessed or flush cylinders. Self-extinguishing Caltex non-slip grip.  Extra leverage and original head design provide the mechanical advantage to pull well-secured lock cylinders.  
Old Papi’s Tool Lube from $2.95
Old Papi’s Tool Lube is an all-natural formula engineered to be a total tool maintenance solution. Use it for everything from rust protection to wood handle conditioning. “Don’t be a fool, lube your tool!” Our tool lube helps prevent rust on metal tool heads and parts. It also serves as an excellent wood handle conditioner, penetrating deep into wood handles to protect and preserve them. Non-hazardous proprietary blend of penetrating solvents, conditioning oils, and corrosion protectants. “OLD PAPI knew a thing or two about axes. And he certainly kept all of his tools in top notch condition. He even made is own "Secret Sauce", a tool lube he put on everything! It would not only keep metal from rusting, but penetrate and condition wood fibers! Old Papi's axes would endure the harshest conditions, and keep on swinging! You could even find him using his "Secret Sauce" on his leather goods and just about anything else in the shop that needed to be lubed from gears to squeaky wheels. FMT bottled it up so everyone can use it!”
Standard REK Coastal Tool... $35.00
-24% sale
Tool Strap (McPeak Strap) $10.00 $13.00
Velcro Tool Strap   This strap was designed for the McPeak wedge. Strap is long enough to wrap around Hook, Halligan, and McPeak wedge to keep tools held together.  Strap has a strip of velcro on the top side of strap to capture any overlapping when strapping wedge to one tool. 
Sold out
24” Maxx-Mod Halligan (Ma... $270.00
A MODIFIED VERSION OF THE MAXXIMUS, THIS TOOL HAS ALL OF THE SAME FEATURES BUT WITH A 2 INCH WIDE ADZ. The 24” MAXXIMUS Mod is the next generation of Forcible Entry Bars. It's the ultimate Halligan Bar and is lighter than the Pro-Bar. The Maxximus has a unique Thermoplastic Rubber (T.P.R.) grip for a sturdy handle while using the tool. FEATURES: One piece drop forged forcible entry tool Molded Thermoplastic Rubber Grip Made of 4140 vanadium steel A completely "tuned" Halligan 2” wide Adz for gapping doors Rex lock pulling feature Square legs on the fork for striking in tight spaces Thinner Fork and Adz than any bar on the fire market Depth gauge markings on both Adz and Fork Molded T.P.R. grip for less slippage Protective insulation to 24,000 volts Electric cars range from 600-700 volts 24-inch length. EZ to hit... EZ to hold... EZ to carry... and EZ to marry to Fire Hooks Unlimited's Lock Slot 8 lbs Forcible Entry Axe or the new Maxx-Axe 32”

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