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Cable Cutters (Modified) $66.99
**LIMITED INVENTORY.  In stock now.  Get yours before they are sold out.** Modified Cable Cutters These cutters have been modified for ease of use while wearing gloves. Webbing around the handles allows you to be able to loop them around your arm so you do not have to put your pliers down so you do not lose them in zero viz situations.  Cable Shears are ideal for cutting copper and aluminum cables, including both single and multiple wires. The precision ground, hardened blades provide an easy, clean, precise cut without damaging, crushing, or deforming the cable. Crafted from high-grade special tool steel, these shears offer easy cutting with one hand and include a pinch and slip guard to maximize safety during the job. They also feature an adjustable bolted joint paired with a self-locking screw to minimize effort on workpieces.  These cutters weigh in under 9 ounces and are very easy to use with the spring-loaded option.   Cutter Specifications For cutting copper and aluminum single conductors as well as multiple-stranded cables Clean and smooth cut without crushing and deformation Not suitable for steel wire and hard-drawn copper conductors Precision-ground, hardened blades Easy cutting with one-hand operation With guard Adjustable bolted joint, self-retaining screw Internal opening spring, protected and captive High-grade special tool steel, forged, oil-hardened Shears: burnished Handles: plastic coated Weight: 215 g Dimensions: 165 x 42 x 14 mm (6.5" x 1.65" x 0.55") REACH compliant: does not contain SVHC   RoHS compliant: not applicable   Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-strandedCutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded: 50 mm² (1.96") AWG: 1 / 0
The RIPcord $30.00
The RIPcord (Rescue In Progress) was created to help firefighters locate and access their Buddy Breather quickly and effectively.    It comes with an easy to see REFLECTIVE sticker, 44 inches of GLOWING parachute cord that can be adjusted as desired and a heat resistant GLOW in the dark resin pyramid style grab knob.   We saw the need for this device as firefighters were having trouble gaining access to their EBSS pouch with gloved hands, under no stress and a full bottle of air. In an emergency setting it becomes even more difficult, and that’s when seconds count. The HIGH VISIBILITY feature also helps other rescuers locate your EBSS quickly if you can’t get to it yourself.  Firefighter SCBA Buddy Breather Quick Deploy Tool

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