Padlock Forcible Entry Si... from $12.00
Reusable Padlock Forcible Entry Simulator Purchasing conventional padlocks to practice forcing can get rather expensive overtime. Which is why we came up with the Reusable Forcible Entry Padlock.  Simply attach to chain, gates, door props, or anything substantial to practice padlock forcible entry. The prototype versions have nearly 1,000 forces in all different types of settings in departments across the region. The quick-link is the sacrificial part and is replaced after every force. The clevis & cotter are reusable and quickly release to insert another quick-link and keep forcing. Heavy duty, steel construction & reversible so that both ends can withstand years of abuse. You can insert varying sizes and thicknesses of quick-links to increase or decrease the difficulty and shackle height making this a very versatile & realistic prop. Works great for basic to advanced training. Great for saw training (perfect to teach the ViseGrip hold), binding and spinning, duck bill lock breakers, and for conventional irons.  Includes: Steel Padlock FE Body x15/16 QuickLink x1 (**This is the sacrificial part meaning you have to replace this every time you force the lock**). Clevis Pin 1/2 x 2 x1 (Reusable)Hitch Pin Clip x1 (Reusable)

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