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McPeak Wedge


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**Pricing is for one (1) wedge**

The McPeak is forged 1060 steel made in the USA, giving it the strength to withstand being driven into door jambs with any striking tool.  

Marry the McPeak to a Halligan bar and use the Halligan to drive The McPeak for access. No need for an additional striking tool in this tool compliment.  Married with the forks of a Halligan increasing mechanical advantage.  Creates the largest most aggressive gap of any wedge on the market.

The McPeak Wedge was created by Jared McPeak-Ford, a rural Texas firefighter that returned to his home state of Oregon in 2018 to found NW Firetools, LLC.

Forcing a door is typically a two-person operation. With the McPeak, made of forged 1060 steel in the United States, along with a standard Halligan bar, forcing a door is now a one-person operation done quickly and safely!



Customer Reviews

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Justin Emmons

Great product fast shipping works great

mark Mitchell
Mcpeak wedge - take chock to next level

These chocks are well made. And simple. The leverage obtained when used with the Halligan forks is impressive. Yes we will still carry the irons however this wedge gives one man yet another solo force Le entry option. The ability to use as a simple door chock is great. Suggest you film another video showing use when married to NY roof hook.


Excellent wedge. Great service

Cody Brooks

Heavy duty

Jeremy Sanders
Great wedge for FE!

I’m very impressed with this wedge, far and beyond better than aluminum wedges.

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