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**Pricing is for one (1) wedge**

The McPeak is forged 1060 steel made in the USA, giving it the strength to withstand being driven into door jambs with any striking tool.  The McPeak Wedge weighs 26 ounces.  

Marry the McPeak to a Halligan bar and use the Halligan to drive The McPeak for access. No need for an additional striking tool in this tool compliment.  Married with the forks of a Halligan increasing mechanical advantage.  Creates the largest most aggressive gap of any wedge on the market.

The McPeak Wedge was created by Jared McPeak-Ford, a rural Texas firefighter that returned to his home state of Oregon in 2018 to found NW Firetools, LLC.

Forcing a door is typically a two-person operation. With the McPeak, made of forged 1060 steel in the United States, along with a standard Halligan bar, forcing a door is now a one-person operation done quickly and safely!





Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
It’s ok

Really only good on outward swinging doors. Might as well carry married set

Mitchell Kam

Great piece of equipment that I’ve added to my “tool bag”.

Jon Yeager
Good tool

I would like to see the grooves that catch the halligan on the other side. Halligan pries against the curved part and slips off.

Daniel Whitehead
Great tool for the pocket

Got one to try out with the guys in the station. Wow everyone now wants one for their gear. Easy to use, solid for intended purpose, and to use for other reasons.

Jeff DeYoung
Interesting tool, can't beat a solid set of Irons

I recently received a McPeak wedge and was very curious as to actual performance. Myself and another long time firefighter put it though the paces while on shift. Overall, not super impressed. It's not that it's useless, but I'm a firm believer in coming prepared. Though you can use it to force some doors (mainly outward swinging) it can't come come close to replacing a good set of Irons. On the selling point of "single person forcible entry", I carry a tuned ProBar, FireMaul Mauler, and an aluminum wedge every shift, and can force most any door by myself with them through quality training. The McPeak was nice for capturing progress, and is definitely of quality construction, which I appreciate, but being steel it is heavy and not really something else I would want to carry in my pocket all the time. Interesting idea, but overall practicality, not really. Just bring the good old Irons!

We appreciate your honesty. The statement you made is very true as becoming proficient requires quality training. The same goes to show with any set of tools. The set of irons is definitely a good go to set and will get the job done.

The McPeak can be used for forcing inward just as well as outward with proper technique. We have actually found that the gap the wedge provides will in most cases pop the door on its own, without the need of marring the forks to the wedge. These are test done on steel commercial inward swinging doors not a prop.

FE can and always has been able to be achieved as one person with conventional set of irons, very true. As we know with this job comes several shoulder injuries at older ages and may limit someone ability to hold an axe out and provide proper striking force needed. The McPeak Wedge provides a better striking angle to limit tension on the shoulder as well.

I definitely do not recommend carting this wedge in your pocket. 1 it is heavy, 2 it is steel and needs to be maintained like the rest of your tools or it will rust. We recommend strapping it to your Halligan.

Hope this info helps definitely reach out with any questions. We do want to thank you for giving the wedge a try and an honest review.

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